Guests of the Irsara family

A close-knit team

With a team of dedicated people behind scenes, the Ciasa Urban is able to offer a warm welcome to its guests, creating an atmosphere that makes them feel at home as soon as they step through the door. The quiet location in a lovely natural setting, combined with the dedicated attitude and attention to detail on the part of the owners, make every guest feel part of a big family. This is a place where all your dreams of a splendid holiday are fulfilled.

It’s lovely having you here …

Tecla | The guardian of the hearth

Our family all agree that if weren’t for Tecla, Ciasa Urban probably wouldn’t exist. She is a woman with a thousand talents: she creates delicious dishes in the kitchen, she welcomes guests at reception with a beaming smile, and she grows splendid flowers and vegetables in the garden, lavishing care and attention on every plant.

What more can we say? Tecla has put her heart into Ciasa Urban, and ensures that everything is properly managed.

She is a ray of sunshine and has always an ear for everyone!


Urban | A real character

You’ll see him around at breakfast or dinner, or serving behind the bar. He never misses an opportunity to chat to guests, giving them useful advice about the best local hikes. He drives our shuttle bus, but also arranges helicopter flights for guests and is happy to help them plan hiking and cycling trips.

In brief: Urban exudes joie de vivre, and wins over everyone with his friendly, outgoing personality.